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           EMBASSY BOOKS





                         This Pauline primer addresses the various components that make up the edification process                                         following the pattern of Paul's epistles. It is aimed at "stablishing" us concerning "the mystery"                                     as we go from a "babe" in Christ to an "elder" in the faith. It contains the following volumes                                           which provide an overview of our Roman "establishment", Ephesian "completion" and                                                     Thessalonian "perfection" in Paul's gospel:







                                                        ∙ Vol. I: WEANED FROM THE MILK  


                                                                         Presents an overview of Romans which provides our doctrinal "establishment" in                                                                         Paul's gospel (Rom. 1:11).







                                                        ∙ Vol. II: THE FULNESS OF CHRIST


                                                         Presents an overview of Ephesians which provides our doctrinal "completeness"                                                                             in Paul's gospel (Eph 1:8,18; 4:13-16; Col. 2:1-10).







                                                                       Vol. III: UP & AWAY


                                                          Presents an overview of First and Second Thessalonians which provide our                                                                                    doctrinal "perfection" in Paul's gospel (1Thess. 3:10).




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                              PRIMERS ON PROPHECY


These prophecy primers are designed to give a strategic grasp of God's covenantal dealings with the people of Israel as revealed to his "holy apostles and prophets" in his two official testaments (Rom. 1:2; Eph. 3:5; Rev. 18:20; 22:6).






                                                          Vol. I presents an overview of the Old Testament examining the property, people and program of                                                                prophecy. This "election" of God is the foundation and cornerstone of the Biblical narrative                                                                           (Rom. 9:1-5; 11:25-29; 15:8). As such, it will be the centerpiece of this study of scripture.

                                   BIBLICAL BRIEFS

VOL. I: A Collection of Commentary & Controversy


                     From space and spirits to commissions and communion, these works are designed to give a                                                   strategic grasp of key biblical doctrines "briefly comprehended" (Rom. 13:9). They are meant                                                     as "helps" (Rom. 8:26; 16:3,9; 1Cor. 12:28;16:16; 2Cor. 1:24) to the "ambassador" and "soldier" of                                                       Christ in his "study" and "handling" of the sword of the Spirit and its "warfare"                                                                              (2Cor. 4:2; 5:20; 10:3-5; Eph. 6:17; Philip. 2:25; 2Tim. 2:3-4,15). 








                                  Vol. I contains the following: 



                                                ∙ THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS


                                                               A Brief Tour of the Biblical Cosmos








                                                 ∙ BEHOLD


                                                  A Brief Introduction to the Gospels








                                                              SEEN OF ANGELS


                                                   A Brief Look at New Testament Communion







                                                              THE DEVILS IN THE DETAILS

                                                               A Brief Examination of Biblical Possession

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